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Technology Module: Using Digital Cameras

Technology Module: Using Digital Cameras:
"Using Digital Cameras for Language Learning
Digital cameras have become the common way to record everything around us, and as such they can be a very flexible tool in the classroom. Digital cameras have become much more reasonably priced and it is very easy to download your photos to your computer. From your computer, you can manipulate them, make projects with your photos in them, upload them to the internet, and share them with the world. Students can use graphics that you have captured for them, or they can capture their own. Teachers are starting to take advantage of the 'linked in' capabilities that more and more students have, sending them out to capture what they see with their cell phones!
In this module, you will take some photos, use a free photo editing program to make changes to your photos, and then use your photos in a project. At the end of this module, you will be able to:
1. define the tool and what it can do
2. explain the various uses for the tool for language teaching and learning
3. create an activity using the tool
4. evaluate the use of the tool for your teaching circumstances"
Using Digital Images
Using Digital Images
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