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TFL: Session 1: Meaningful Interpretation

TFL: Session 1: Meaningful Interpretation

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Video SummaryIn "Meaningful Interpretation," Professor Virginia Scott
of Vanderbilt University addresses the value of teaching interpretive
communication skills. Professor Scott also joins a round-table discussion on
effective approaches to teaching interpretation skills, moderated by University
of Pittsburgh professor Richard Donato, and including teachers Lauri Dabbieri of
Fairfax, Virginia, and Michel Pasquier of New Hyde Park, New York. The video
also features excerpts from Ms. Dabbieri's and Mr. Pasquier's classes, as well
as other classes across different grade levels and languages.* The video
addresses the following questions:
What is text?
What is interpretation?
At what level can interpretation begin?
Can there be multiple interpretations?
How is the interpretive mode assessed? *The classroom excerpts
featured in this video are from the Teaching Foreign Languages K-12 video
library. To learn more about the featured lessons, go to the Library Videos Chart.

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