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20/05/2011 مكتبة المصطفى الالكترونية مكتبة المصطفى الالكترونية

Free Arabic books for students ,teachers, researchers
How to search?
1-Click on the link above
2-On the left you will see a QUICK SEARCH box (كل المجالات)
3-Write down in Arabic one word for example النحو
4- You will see thousand of books , click on the one you want (Title and links the first column from the left)
   then watch the top of the page
5- You will see a box with different number
6- Follow the instruction within  box.
7-Once you click on the number your down load start, SAVE your book ( keep it in USB)
Please consider the environment before you print. sometime the cost of the  print from the computer is more than the hard copy of the book, in particular if you get it from Egypt or Lebanon   

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